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11 01, 2015

Tucson Gem & Mineral Show Ultimate Guide: Mexican Food

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So you’re thinking of attending the 2015 Tucson Gem, Mineral and Fossil Showcase and now you’re wondering what would be the most Tucson thing you could do while here (that is, other than attend the grand daddy of its shows, the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show). Many people would tell you that you have to [...]

9 01, 2015

Opal Stone is a Lover of Light

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Fire and water, the perfect mix of natural elements. Together they make a visually stunning stone. Opal isn’t the most popular stone for mineral collections and interior design, but it should start climbing the list. There are many distinctive characteristics and qualities which make opal stand apart from other minerals. The Creation of Opal Known [...]

7 01, 2015

Purple Paradise: Amethyst Stone in the Kitchen

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Figs. Plums. Eggplant. Grapes. Blackberries. Purple is a color that simply belongs in the kitchen, and amethyst stone is the way to do it. Purple rarely occurs in nature, but when it does, the results are exquisite. The color itself is associated with imagination and inspiration and is believed to have calming effects on those [...]

5 01, 2015

Tips for Unique Kitchen Design: Agate

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Over time, pockets in old lava flows fill with silica and the stunning mineral known as agate is formed. These stones are characterized by the band of mineral deposits that form in their centers. The eye-catching bands come in all shapes and sizes, and slices of agate are ideal for interior design. Agate has so [...]

1 01, 2015

Interior Design Ideas: Carnelian in the Kitchen

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From the impurities created in silica comes the lovely little red stone carnelian. For centuries this semi-precious stone has been used by royalty and nobles to adorn clothing and jewelry. Because hot wax doesn’t stick to carnelian, it was used for signet or seal rings in Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. Polished stones can take on [...]

31 12, 2014

Gems and Minerals for Luxury Home Decor

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Nothing says luxury like brilliant, luminescent gems and minerals, but bracelets and necklaces aren’t the only places to display such opulence. There are endless opportunities in your home for creative interior design, and incorporating these luxurious gems and minerals will give your dwelling an extravagant, inviting look. Everything Amethyst Accent piece, lamp base, and even [...]

31 12, 2014

5 Gems and Minerals that Never Go Out of Style

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Gems and minerals have adorned human clothing, furniture, and living spaces for millennia. What is it that draws us in? Time hasn’t changed our love of gems and minerals much. Here are five top gems that never go out of style. Tourmaline This stone is different from most in that it comes in many, many [...]

31 12, 2014

Landscaping Rocks for Unique Outdoor Design

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A beautiful, inviting outdoor space is essential for modern living. Whether you want to create a custom oasis or plan to add value to your home, innovative landscaping is the way to go, and rocks add a natural, organic element to every landscaping design. River Rock One of the best landscaping rocks out there, river [...]

29 12, 2014

Last Minute Gift Ideas

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We’ve all been there. Christmas just passed, you're worn out...no, exhausted. Some may still even have a family Christmas or 2 to go to - not to mention New Years. The last thing you want to think about is that one gift you still have yet to get. Well, we feel your pain and we [...]

22 12, 2014

Man and Nature Collide: The Creation of Arizona Splash Copper

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In the heart of the southwest, miners bring copper forth from the bowels of the earth. The metal is soft and easily manipulated, and when heated and cooled in water, splash copper is created. It’s a captivating work of art  created by man with ingredients from the earth to stun and delight all who encounter [...]

22 12, 2014

Interior Design Ideas with Gems and Minerals

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Whether you’re experienced with design or just starting out, finding fresh interior design ideas for important spaces can be a challenge. There are endless decorating opportunities when you choose natural materials. Gems and minerals such as agate and amethyst stone are ideal for bringing any room a fresh, natural look. Create a Focal Point Living [...]

19 12, 2014

Tips for Choosing a Gem and Mineral Wholesaler

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Those looking to buy gems and minerals in bulk turn to wholesalers to get the best prices, but anyone can buy wholesale when they know what to look for. Picking up a precious gem such as amethyst or agate at wholesale prices is the perfect way to add to your collection or to pick up [...]

19 12, 2014

Interior Design Basics – Amethyst!

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Amethyst. This mysterious, semi-precious quartz gemstone with its tantalizing purple color is nearly synonymous with richness and elegance. From royal robes to sparkling gems, the hue is a perennial favorite. Combining the calming properties of blue and the electric energy of red, it’s a color that is easy to love – and a color that [...]

18 12, 2014

What’s so Special About Agate?

By |Categories: Rock and Mineral 101|

Rockhounds and mineral collectors alike delight at the stunning specimen that is the agate stone. Do you have an eye for contrasting banding lines? Can you appreciate diverse mineral composition? Agate may be the perfect stone for your collection or interior design. There are many reasons why agate is pleasing to the eye: Comprised of [...]

18 12, 2014

Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree – Gift Ideas!

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Gift Your Friends With Holidays Treasures They’ll Love – And That Rockhounds Will Love Shopping For! Holiday gift shopping just got a little bit easier. I love giving gifts to people that show them I’ve put some thought into finding something that I really think they’ll love. I’m always on the lookout for things that [...]

17 12, 2014

Ageless Beauty

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Since the dawn of time crystals, gemstones and minerals have been precious commodities. Used for trade, to bestow or to express wealth and prosperity; the allure of these gifts from the Earth is as ageless as the pieces themselves. Recently, I was privileged to travel to Istanbul. This exotic city is rich in culture, rife [...]

16 12, 2014

Interior Design with Amethyst Cathedrals

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There is something so striking about amethyst geode cathedrals. The exposed layers that lend a fascinating glimpse into their creation, the way the outer layers contrast against the sparkling gems held inside and the sheer size and shapes that they may be found in all work together to create pieces that are infinitely attractive. Used [...]

15 12, 2014

Mineral Collecting–Research, Tools and More

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A Basic Guide to Rock and Mineral Collecting Are you fascinated by the glimmer of a crystal or the geology of rock and minerals? We have for you the best mineral collecting resources from research aids, tools, guidebooks and more--start rockhounding today! We at Rockology would like to welcome you to expand your mineral collecting [...]

15 12, 2014

Selling Tips for Wholesale Rock and Mineral Shops

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Tips for Selling More Rocks and Minerals With a few tips, sell your wholesale stock of rock and mineral specimens in no time. We would like to let you in on all the little secrets that help your crystals, rocks and minerals sell themselves! We at Rockology would like to let you in on a few [...]

12 12, 2014

Rock and Mineral Gifts for Her

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Gift for Her--Rocks and Minerals to Charm Is it time to start shopping for that o’ so special gift? Men—don’t wait until the last minute! Shop now to search the perfect gifts for her. Try something shimmering with crystal, the perfect rock and mineral to cherish, one that shines lovely and bright above all the [...]

11 12, 2014

Start Collecting Rocks and Minerals For Kids

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Fun Ways to Start Rock Collecting with Kids Wouldn’t those curious kids like to go on a treasure hunt? Try rock collecting for kids! Get them interested in science with a little rockhounding and read some fun facts and information about rocks and minerals for kids. Rockology would like to help introduce your kids to [...]

10 12, 2014

Petrified Wood History and Information

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Petrified Wood 101--What is it? How in the world does petrified wood last so long? It’s made of minerals, of course! Petrified wood is actually not wood at all, but a fossilized form that took on the shape of its former shell. Rockology would like to deliver the inside scoop into Petrified Wood. What makes [...]

8 12, 2014

Rock and Mineral Bookends for Bookworms

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Petrified Wood, Geode & Agate Bookends for Avid Readers Are your books overflowing off the shelves? Try a natural solution to your unending book collection—petrified wood, geode and agate bookends. They stand solid like a rock to hold your books in place. Rock and mineral bookends are millions of years in the making—a solid solution [...]

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